Wasted Talent (Mixtape)

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  1. 1st Cup of the Night (Intro) Lu Cipher 0:10
  2. Waystid Shottas feat. Baby J, Jonny Storm & MyVerse Lu Cipher 5:43
  3. Cater Lu Cipher 4:05
  4. Get Robbed feat. Baby J & MyVerse Lu Cipher 5:21
  5. Sex (Interlude) Lu Cipher 0:17
  6. Lifestyle of a Pimp Lu Cipher 4:06
  7. Lu Cipher and Justin Hale Are Awesome! Lu Cipher 4:10
  8. Good News (Interlude) Lu Cipher 0:23
  9. Rello feat. Kingpin Lu Cipher 6:09
  10. The Turnip Israel feat. Baby J & Kingpin Lu Cipher 5:47
  11. Sweater God Lu Cipher 3:59
  12. Battle Rap Illuminati feat. Jonny Storm & MyVerse Lu Cipher 5:29
  13. Drink To That feat. E. Farrell, Top Shotta Joon & Will Blaze Lu Cipher 5:05
  14. Yoda (Interlude) Lu Cipher 0:09
  15. 1496 feat. Jonny Storm, Kingpin, Justin Hale & Baby J Lu Cipher 7:33
  16. MCVLLI SCRWD Lu Cipher 6:00
  17. Waystid Shottas SCRWD Lu Cipher 7:05
  18. Prescription Drugs (Interlude) Lu Cipher 0:17
  19. No Good (Outro) Lu Cipher 4:43

The first mixtape from Lu Cipher in over two years. ‘Wasted Talent’ is an hour-long binge on sex & drugs in music form. It’s like nonstop party and you’re the guest of honor. Guests at this function include Waystid Talent alumni Kingpin & Baby J with Shawn Smithel playing the role of DJ on a few tracks. Jonny Storm, MyVerse and Justin Hale also make an appearance to help make for an unforgettable experience.

With this mixtape Lu Cipher proves that battle rap and travel have not affected his ability to make engaging music for a wide variety of Hiphop lovers.

Lu Cipher

Executive Producers
Lead Vocals
Mixing & Mastering
Song Arrangement

Steve Finch

Graphic Design

Featured Artists (In order of appearance)

Baby J, Jonny Storm, MyVerse, Justin Hale, Kingpin,  E. Farrell, Top Shotta Joon, Will Blaze

Production Credits


“The Turnip Israel feat. Baby J & Kingpin”
“1496 feat. Jonny Storm, Kingpin, Justin Hale, Baby J”

Lu Berra

“Battle Rap Illuminati feat. Jonny Storm & MyVerse”

Shawn Smithel (Chopped & Screwed Credits)

“Waystid Shottas SCRWD”

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