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  1. Stop Being Me feat. Lu Cipher Kingpin 3:55
  2. All I Know feat. Infinite Skillz [Base Inc.] Kingpin 4:27
  3. Beamer, Benz, Bentley Freestyle Kingpin 1:33
  4. Back At It KinGDaMuscle 2:55
  5. Dark Fantasy Freestyle KinGDaMuscle 2:50
  6. Bout It feat. Kingpin & Lu Cipher Baby J 5:10


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Kingpin (also known as KinGDaMuscle) is a Waystid Talent veteran. From the start of his career as an emcee King found his craft and sharpened his skills as a lyricist with Waystid Talent as the foundation. Lu Cipher introduced Kingpin to recording and the rest is history.

With a hefty catalog of music, videos, & shows under his belt, the proof is in the pudding. Kingpin is originally from Chicago, Illinois and comes from a background that fuels his hunger as not only an artist but a man. This seasoned emcee is known for his live performance, unorthodox flow, & freestyle prowess. King be the muscle and Waystid is the solution.

Birthplace: Chicago, IL

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