DMT (Deluxe)

by Baby J
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  1. Intro Baby J 1:02
  2. What They Be Tellin' Me Baby J 1:57
  3. Bout It feat. Kingpin & Lu Cipher Baby J 5:10
  4. My Niggas Know feat. Fasa & Solo Baby J 4:44
  5. Pulp Fiction Baby J 2:28
  6. Come To My World (Interlude) Baby J 2:20
  7. Me Against The World Baby J 3:03
  8. Prestige Baby J 2:57
  9. Brand On My Jeans feat. Childhood Cousins Baby J 3:46
  10. We Ain't Living Right Baby J 3:18
  11. American Dream Baby J 2:42
  12. MCVLLI feat. Lu Cipher Baby J 5:13
  13. Work 'N Dedication feat. B.A.M. Baby J 3:09
  14. Doin' My Thang Baby J 3:59
  15. Outro Baby J 1:34
  16. Beast (Remastered) Baby J 3:34
  17. CHLLMTC feat. Jonny Storm Baby J 3:55


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This year has showed a lot of people’s true colors. I’ve lost some good people in my life as well as gained some good people in my life. At the end of the day, those who’ve stayed around, are the ones I back up. I help those who help me. People would say the choices I’ve made are bad choices, for example; dropping out of college and focusing on music… But that’s an opinion from another, cause maybe in my eyes, I had no other choice cause that was the choice given to me. I am living by what society brings to me. Even if it means we ain’t livin’ right, I was told you always gotta get yours no matter how you get it. That’s where my hustle comes into play.. Being street smart and book smart is important nowadays. You need to know both to get around the obstacles in life. I can honestly say I’ve used more of my street smarts because what I did learn is school, never helped me. Paying for college was not cutting it, and they ain’t tryinna give me the financial aid, therefore I stopped going. Am I wrong or are they wrong for having us pay for education?? And younger generations see EVERYTHING! They see the everyday hustles by people, they see people packing guns, they see girls twerkin’, and they see drugs being done by people older then them. And that’s our youth growing up today, they see everything and learn very fast. Therefore if nobody teaches ‘um what’s right from wrong, they will go their whole life being reckless, and I see it happening. Kids are getting wild. It’s up to us to change that. We are the role models and we can’t keep sinking deeper into the hole. that “the man” wants us to stay in. I’m not telling you what’s right and what’s wrong because I do wrong myself, everybody does. But it’s up to you to do what’s best, and to GET YOURS BY ANY MEANS! Leave a mark on this Earth, be remembered for the good…

And this ladies and gentleman, is a brief summary on why I made this album… DMT…. The “Dirty Money Tape.” It does sound a little ignorant, but it’s real life situations going on around us everyday..

Thank you to everyone who was apart of this project…. Without y’all, this tape wouldn’t be possible… Y’all inspired me in many different ways… Now time to serve the streets with this audio dope…

One Love.


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