Kingpin – The Solution

by Kingpin




  1. Intro (Hollow Da Don) Kingpin 1:30
  2. Be All Right Kingpin 2:01
  3. Home of the Brave feat. Baby J Kingpin 2:58
  4. Dream Big feat. Dev Clancy Kingpin 5:02
  5. Whack Rappers (Skit) Kingpin 2:28
  6. Death To My Enemies Kingpin 3:08
  7. Put It In The Air feat. Baby J Kingpin 4:09
  8. We Getting Fucked Up feat. Lu Cipher & Baby J Kingpin 5:14
  9. Iron Throne feat. JUSTINHALE Kingpin 2:46
  10. Blaze Da Fire (Skit) Kingpin 2:32
  11. Smoke Kingpin 3:16
  12. King vs MyVerse vs Kingpin 4:54
  13. Going In feat. Lu Cipher Kingpin 5:00
  14. Goodnight feat. Jonny Storm Kingpin 3:51
  15. Lonely Road Kingpin 3:27
  16. State of Depression Kingpin 2:53
  17. Mirror Kingpin 3:00
  18. Her Kingpin 5:10
  19. H.U.L.K. *Bonus* Kingpin 3:58


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Finally the long awaited album The Solution is finally complete and available for your listening pleasures exclusively on King comes with a new style and lyrical prowess the game has been missing for a very long time. The Solution is a personal look inside the creative mind of King as he shows witty wordplay, harmonic sounds unlike you’ve ever heard and even personal songs that will help you understand the mind of a true to life emcee

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