Waystid Talent Presents… The MNRchy



  1. Young Cee Intro DJ Young Cee 0:57
  2. Flow Kingpin 1:35
  3. Lu Cipher Speaks Lu Cipher 0:24
  4. Attack Mode The MNRchy 4:41
  5. King Speaks Kingpin 0:54
  6. Cuckoo The MNRchy 5:13
  7. Sober The MNRchy 3:32
  8. Beat Abuse The MNRchy 4:16
  9. I'm The Truth Lu Cipher 4:29
  10. Lu Cipher Speaks Lu Cipher 0:37
  11. Stop Being Me The MNRchy 3:55
  12. Kingpin Speaks Kingpin 0:25
  13. Run This Town Remix Lu Cipher 4:31
  14. Beamer, Benz, Bentley Freestyle Kingpin 1:33
  15. The MNRchy Speaks The MNRchy 0:56
  16. Lemonade Freestyle Lu Cipher 3:38
  17. Roger That feat. Wilson The MNRchy 3:25
  18. Like a Drum Lu Cipher 2:52
  19. Watch Me The MNRchy 3:29
  20. About My Business feat. Reflect Kingpin 3:26
  21. Lu Cipher Speaks Lu Cipher 0:32
  22. Bring Me Down feat. Lace Trax The MNRchy 3:34
  23. Gone The MNRchy 3:53


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Lu Cipher & Kingpin join forces to become The MNRchy, a two-man wrecking crew sent to wreak havoc on unsuspecting emcees. The group’s first self-titled project is hosted by DJ Young Cee and features standout tracks like “Beat Abuse” and “Stop Being Me.” Also contains features from Waystid alumni Reflect and Lace Trax.

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